Hello, World

I am a senior lecturer in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Reaching Me

Courses (Fall 2022)

Office Hours (Fall 2022)


If you know what courses you will be taking next semester, please email the list to me and I will remove your advising hold. If you need help picking the courses, need career advice, etc., please stop by during my office hours — there’s no need for an appointment.


If you have taken classes with me, have done well in them (ie, received an A in each), and need a recommendation letter, I would be glad to write you one. Please give me at least two weeks’ notice and details on where and when to dispatch the letter. In addition, I will need a short statement from you highlighting your interests and career goals, which will help me in writing an effective letter.

Academic Interests

Evolutionary dynamics on complex networks, machine learning, pedagogy

Other Interests

Books (on an assortment of topics), gastronomy, music, travel, Vipassana meditation



I was born in the southern Indian city of Chennai and grew up in Mumbai. I received my primary and secondary education at Model English School and higher secondary education at Ruparel College. During my second year at Ruparel College, I attended the famous (now defunct) Agrawal Classes. I received my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from University of Mumbai in 1996 after which I worked for two years as a software engineer at Tata Interactive Systems, where I designed and implemented multimedia-rich e-learning software. I received my master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Boston (UMB) in 2001, following which I worked at BMC Software as a product developer until 2006. My role at BMC Software was to design and develop system- and application-level performance-monitoring software. I then decided to seek a doctoral degree in order to fulfill my ambition of pursuing a career in academia with both research and teaching responsibilities. I received my PhD in Comptuer Science, also from UMB, in 2013. My thesis, entitled Evolutionary Dynamics on Complex Networks, was directed by Prof. Timothy Killingback from the Mathematics Department.